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Hillary’s Response to Explosive IG Report Is Even More Outrageous Than Anyone Imagined

The IG report into the Obama Admin’s actions during the Hillary Clinton investigation is out and it is abundantly clear that the FBI acted improperly.
Don’t listen to the spin or the hype from either side of the aisle. FBI agents were texting each other about how they were going to stop Trump from winning. Obama lied about not knowing about Hillary’s email server. Comey was ‘insubordinate’. FBI agents were given perks by the media. It was a total mess and it was all designed to let Hillary off the hook.
Don’t take my word for it. Read the report yourself here. It’s all there.
Hillary Clinton has responded to the report.
It was a dumpster fire.
What is she talking about? Did some staffer tell her to say this? Did she even think it through? So her takeaway is that James Comey did a bad thing so it’s OK for her to do a bad thing?
She’s right. We now know that Comey used a personal account as well. That’s wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
Hillary is leaving out the fact that she sent thousands of classified documents through a private server with a private email. Comey didn’t do that.
Let’s also not forget about this statement from Comey.
Hillary Clinton broke the law and the FBI bent over backwards to let her off the hook. We can talk all we want about Comey and the rogue agents and the insane behavior all we want but at the end of the day Hillary broke the law.
It’s ridiculous for her to chime in at all. She got lucky. You think she’d count her blessings and fade away into the sunset. But, she’s incredibly arrogant and she showed it here.
She simply can’t let go of the fact that she screwed up.
I refuse to believe that she tweets too. This had to be some unhinged millennial staffer. This woman hasn’t driven a car since the 1990s and I’m supposed to believe she’s a big deal on Twitter. No way.

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