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11-Year-Old Girl Stands On Stage With Men’s Choir, Starts Rendition Of ‘O Holy Night’ That Will Take Your Breath Away

The voice of an angel is the first thought when you hear a song which moves your soul. All our talent that we boastfully claim as our own is a gift from God. He gifts us all with unique abilities and there is no one who is devoid of His love. Envy of another’s gift is a sin for we each have something unique, within us. When we come across another whose gift impresses us, the right reaction is to applaud. We must cherish one another’s success. Foolhardy it is to assume that all talent is age-related. There are five-year-old’s who hit notes of a song which seasoned performers find hard. Read on to hear about the angelic voice of an eleven-year-old.
Very rarely do you come across a voice which gives you the chills and even when you do, it is least expected that the singer is an eleven-year-old girl. Age did not come in the way of Amira Willighagen, a Dutch singer who enthralled the audience with her rendition of ‘O Holy Night.’ Amira was invited as a special guest singer to the annual Christmas concert held in the city of Nijmegen by the local Men’s Choir group. For a performer, there is an added incentive to deliver on home ground and Amira owned the stage.

Before she begins, you see look to the side for her cue to start singing. She looks calm and composed and by looking at her, it becomes obvious that the crowd doesn’t scare her. Performing comes easy for she has had enough practice. The music starts; she closes her eyes and delivers the first note. A note so shrill but musically tantalizing, she holds the rasp attention of the stunned crowd. Her God gifted voice commands the attention of the occupants of Petrus Canisius Church. If you were to listen to her rendition with eyes closed, the image of the singer which comes to mind is not that of a demure, unassuming, 11-year-old, but that of an opera singer who performs for full-house shows.
A prodigy opera singer born in 2004, Amira Willighagen was the winner of Holland’s Got Talent in 2013 when he was just 9 years old. A girl of such a young age shows what grit and determination is. She is a self-taught opera singer who learned to modulate her voice through watching live performances of singers on YouTube. Self-taught musicians are many but a child attempting and mastering the art of opera singing at such a young age is astounding. Opera is easily the hardest genre of singing: it is often cited as the Olympics of singing and one does not learn to compete in the Olympics through videos. It is hard to image such a powerful voice behind a demure face. A resident of Netherlands, Amira translates to ‘princess.’ She comes from a family which respects music, her brother is a violin player and she might not be the only one with such an exceptional talent.
Every action of the child comes from the heart and one look is sufficient to assess its purity. Amira sings because she loves it with all her heart. She isn’t singing for the fame or money, but for the pure joy it brings her.
Very little information is available on Amira, given her young age and parents who are normal like us, and not celebrities. Watch the video of young Amira’s rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ below. We are sure that you will not be able to stop yourself from playing it on loop. Amira’s album is available on most music sites and we can only wait and watch the blossoming of a musical maestro.

Popular renditions of ‘O Holy Night’
If there is one song which stands out in the many of Christmas tunes, is ‘O Holy Night.’ The famous song has over hundreds of renditions, each memorable, in its own right. Standing out from the pool of beautiful performances, are these truly spectacular ones, which deserve a special mention.
Mahalia Jackson: Her rendition of the Christmas carol personified the spirit of the holiday. Her undeniable faith breathes life and made the song come to life. Her voice is one which rose and stood apart from other versions. She put the ‘Carol into the carol.’
Kelly Clarkson: Winner of the first season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson’s legacy remains aflame while others, who bit a small slice of fame, have long extinguished. Accentuated chord made her performance memorable.
Jennifer Hudson: Another singer who grew famous through reality singing show is Jennifer Hudson. Her power-packed voice expertly delivers any note regardless of the scale. Every note of the track wove in beautifully to complete the story that she was presenting. Adding to her performance is the hint of gospel music, which is by far one of the best and strongest vocal performances of a Christmas carol.
Other notable singers include David Phelps, Kim Burrell, Ella Fitzgerald, Mariah Carey and Patti Labelle.
Other musical prodigies
The world is blessed with notable musical prodigies and there are a few who debuted when they were as young as four years old. The famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a maestro whose tunes echo centuries after his death, composed tunes when he was just four years old. Most of us were trying to learn alphabets or song when we were 4, not sitting at a piano trying to make music.
Fame is a fickle friend, those who taste success at an early age are drawn towards downfall. There are many examples of falling from grace, it is most common in the world of music and entertainment. Without His blessing, it is impossible to stay on course and pursue a goal.
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